about nooma

What is Nooma? Nooma is the rational Spirit.The power by which the human being feels, thinks, and decides: the Soul. The mission of nooma is to bring you back to this place. To help you live your Spirit filled life and reconnect with who you are.

As a team, we will guide you through intentional workouts, provide connection and education in nutrition to help build a lifestyle that can help ground you to your Spirit. We are so much more than what is seen on the outside. When we allow our Spirit to shine through, it brings our inner and outer beauty together to give us a better balance. That is where our peace and strength lie. That is your noomaLIFE.

Our committment to you is to offer intentional classes, private instruction, encouragement, connection, community, a safe, peaceful space, personal experiences, change from refinement, community involvement, workshops, retreats, online presence through online classes, certifications, intentional business goals and organization, continual training and improvement, our best efforts. This is our noomaLIFE.