Jessica Wood

Hello! I am an ICU nurse and love my job, the good Lord, yoga, my cats (Madden, Margaret, and Maeve), and my husband!  I take pride in my Spotify playlists, love to hammock and I am gluten-free (not by choice). I grew up in Searcy and moved away for college. I had no plans to move back to my small hometown after college, until the day I walked into nooma.

I started my journey with yoga 4 years ago. I was searching for something to help me release my emotions and the stresses of life. I needed to make time for me, and what better way than a dark room and having to focus on my left arm being up while my right leg was out and toes turned towards the side wall? It was that focus off of the outside world and on to my inner-self that drew me in closer to my yoga journey. Once I noticed my outlook on life was changing, I knew yoga was an answer to my prayers. I had been asking for this.

I began coming to nooma on just the weekends during my senior year of college. I could tell there was just something different about the place. It was an environment that accepted every person who walked through the doors while encouraging a sense of self-love. I began to be able to understand what a mind-body connection meant for my well-being, and I thank God every day for bringing me this space. 

After seeing what nooma was able to bring to my life after just one short year, I decided I wanted to be a part of helping bring nooma’s purpose to others. I began leading noomaAERIALYOGA in December 2018 and most recently began leading noomaCHROMA. Both are amazing classes that encompass the mind-body experience nooma classes have to offer. 

My favorite thing about teaching yoga is helping others get through the hard times by helping them create space in both their minds and lives. I love being a part of helping students believe they deserve the time in the studio they have given themselves because they are worthy. Every single one of you is worthy, loved, beautiful, smart, capable, and so much more. 

If you are looking for a release that’s both mental and physical, nooma is waiting for you. Come hang with me in the aerial silks or flow it out with chroma lights and loud music! See you at your mat. Love, Jess

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