Marcy Mercer

My journey to nooma simply began by a meek attempt to support my friends, Casey & Nicole, by trying out their new studio and “showing up” for them  as their friend along with satiating my own curiosity. Well…little did I know how my life was about to change in a MAJOR way! 

I have been an athlete my entire life and always enjoyed going to the gym even after organized sports had ended for me. But then something happened……. BABIES. Although I easily got back into the swing of things after my first child  was born, the second was much different. I fell into a major slump! Actively and emotionally. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. I wanted so badly to regain my physical body, love of exercise and most of all my confidence. I was in a space of my life I didn’t recognize. What happened to my body? What happened to my competitive nature to refine my agility, speed, strength and overall WELLNESS? I was in a state of depletion that I didn’t know how to escape or remedy. So…nooma. The moment I walked in the door the first week nooma opened I was instantly intrigued. I felt peace, love, support, acceptance and excitement. Weird right? It wasn’t the feeling I expected to have….I was SUPER NERVOUS!!! 

I walked up the stairs, found a mat (in the back of course) and just hoped I wouldn’t embarrass TOO bad. All I remember from that day is laying on my mat, hot, exhausted, proud and burning for MORE! I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I wanted MORE OF IT.

My profession is a mental health counselor and marriage/family therapist. I work with people and couples riddled with the angst of daily life and traumatic experiences. I have the knowledge and training to help people work to manage their pain and trauma emotionally. I have always known that nutrition, exercise, and building a healthy community plays a very important role in maximizing their potential for healing but had never truly had my eyes opened to what that could look like holistically for people in ALL walks of life. nooma opened my eyes to what that looks like. This began as a personal discovery but God has beautifully weaved this experience into countless ways to help change lives. To help others discover their inner strength. To help them tap into their own resources for change, healing, peace, and overall wellness. The mind-body connection was in full effect in this space. Now…..THIS had my attention!

The point from being approached by Casey & Nicole to lead classes to actually leading classes was quite a long journey for me. I resisted what I knew I would love and connect to for a long time. This was a vulnerability challenge of a lifetime for me. Game. Changer. But I realized very early on that I could not reach the places I wanted to go without taking the plunge. I was seeing lives change before my eyes and I felt God’s nudge . So….. GO TIME.

I can honestly say each class I lead takes me on a different journey into myself and connecting with people and I think that is a really special gift. My hope is to always be able to not only inspire & encourage…….but be alongside someone in their journey wherever they are. Good days. Bad days. Emotional days. Boring days. Whatever is happening in their lives they can always come back to the strength they find in themselves. They can always come back to nooma. They can come back to their spirit, where their strength and God waits for them. To know when things get hard or when life happens they can look to God and look within themselves for that strength they possess to heal and grow. To refine who they are as a person. Who they are in whatever walk of life they are in. That is why nooma will forever be a part of me. My hope and prayer is that each soul who finds nooma, will also find that nooma found them too. – Marcy Mercer, LAC, LAMFT

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