Allie Lowe




I grew up in a small town south of Kansas City, Missouri. I was a dancer and runner from a very young age, which kept me really active, but I didn’t realize how much fitness meant to me until I came to Harding in the fall of 2015. My dance and track careers were over, and I found myself searching for a new way to keep myself fit both mentally and physically. But I struggled to find something that satisfied my expectations – something I really enjoyed.

I decided to take a huge step out of my comfort zone and started working toward obtaining my group fitness certification in the summer of 2017. In the meantime, I taught a barre class at my home dance studio and became immediately hooked on teaching! I was 
so excited when I heard about nooma that next fall. I started attending classes and I met some of the most amazing people, but I lacked the confidence to finish my group fitness certification and seek a leadership position at nooma. BUT the Lord works in mysterious ways! Casey had a faith in me that I didn’t have in myself and inspired me to finish my certification. I have been teaching at nooma since January of 2018, and it has truly been one of the biggest blessings of my whole college experience.

Nooma has given me a setting in which I can grow and learn about myself and others daily. Teaching classes and taking classes from other leaders allows me to continually expand my comfort zone alongside individuals who support and encourage me (and make me laugh) on my best and worst days. Nooma emboldens me to take hold of the passion for fitness that has been instilled in me and use that to cultive relationships and personal growth. Watching people walk out of the doors of nooma sweaty, challenged, and inspired inspires 

I am a flawed human being, and the community of nooma is, to me, a depiction of the community God intends for His children to experience. Nooma is refreshing, exhilarating, inspiring, a blessing; nooma is yours.