New to nooma?

We are a MIND BODY EXPERIENCE studio. Each class has a nooma signature warm-up and cool down. Each class has specific benefits, results, and focuses.


What to expect?

  • This is my first time...
  • If you are new to nooma, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. This will allow time for your teacher to show you where you can place your belongings and grab equipment for your upcoming class. Once you have gotten everything that you need, we will find a comfortable place for you in the studio and your nooma time begins!

  • What should I bring?
  • We have all of the equipment that you will need in the studio. We offer different classes, so you will want to check the class description for specific clothing preferences for your best experience in each class. We provide Manduka and LuluLemon mats for yoga. We do offer water, purchase of waters, coconut water, eQua towels, Manduka and Lululemon mats, and studio skin shoes in the studio.

  • Can men take classes?
  • Definitely, yes! Men can benefit and see great results from our classes.


    What is the nooma difference?

    We are focused not only on the best classes with the best movement for your bodies. We are focused on the connection between your MIND and your BODY while practicing these movements. We believe in working smarter, not harder. Each class begins with our signature nooma warm-up and ends with our signature cool down.

    We want the best foundation for your best experience. We've chosen infrared heat versus blown heat. We have chosen to provide (and you are welcome to purchase your own) Manduka and LuluLemon yoga mats, bolsters, blocks and straps. We have chosen to install underlayment under our floors that reduces footfall impact for added comfort. We have chosen additional cushion on our Pilates Reformers. In our barefoot classes, you will not jump or have high-impact moves. We only carry retail that we have tried and tested to help benefit your practice.

    Our Mission 

    Why Infrared Heat?