Stacy Wright - Teacher





I grew up in Searcy and I am proud to call it home.  I have been married to my best friend and high school sweetheart for 31 years and we have one daughter, who is grown and married.  

I grew up in an era where fitness was not all the rage, yet I loved to move!  Flipping, flopping, flying, tumbling and cheering my way to middle school, an unexpected spinal tumor tried to stop me in my tracks. Determined to overcome and despite being told I could no longer do some of my favorite activities, including gymnastics, I did not let it stop me. I did everything else while being told to slow down by my surgeons, family, and friends.  Thankfully stubborn, I didn’t listen and chose to try anything and everything falling in love with how good it was making me feel, realizing that MOVEMENT created MOBILITY for me!

Soon after having our daughter, I became a certified fitness instructor and enjoyed teaching classes while being a stay at home mom. I absolutely loved it!  

That was over 20 years ago and I have never stopped exercising, eager to learn more and more along the way. I soon realized that growing older and maintaining my fitness and nutrition levels were going to be crucial to keeping me mobile and being the best version of myself.  As I have grown older I have learned how maintaining good sleep patterns, eating whole healthy foods and exercising on a regular basis were great, but something was still missing. I began searching for peace during some life changes and stumbled across meditation. As I researched and wanted to know more, yoga came into my life.  It has changed everything I knew about my connection to my body. It elevated my sense of awareness and awakened a deep desire to learn more and more! The mind body connection has allowed me to create space. In that space, I am constantly learning and growing. Nooma, the rational spirit, that lives within each and every one of us, is incredibly “freeing” when we find it. God has blessed me tremendously by showing me how He can take my pain, and turn it into a Gift.  Without my pain and experience I would never be who and where I am today, and somehow I am learning to be grateful for it and love myself in spite of it. My desire is to share my love of fitness and nutrition and hopefully inspire others to come to know their rational spirit and to learn to accept where we are, in this moment, and just be okay with it.